Profile: Shawn Kanciruk

Shawn Kanciruk has provided a wide range of effective marketing and sales solutions to companies in the high-tech (hardware and enterprise software), consumer packaged goods (CPG), and construction industries for more than fifteen years. In both full-time permanent and consulting roles for a variety of companies/clients in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sectors, he has a solid track record of increasing revenue and market share, while keeping a keen eye toward customer retention. This successful career path has focused on marketing, e-commerce/online, marketing communications (marcom), sales support, and business development in addition to leading cross-functional teams in these disciplines. He is presently providing leadership at the senior management level to a high-tech corporation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada, while also providing consulting services to other concerns. Past and present educational concentrations have been in the Marketing, E-commerce, Economics and Electronics Engineering fields.


Personal Note:

Most any business person can benefit from personal branding and the opportunity to help and interact with other professionals. That is why I created this site. The articles and content delivered on this site are written mainly from a management/management strategy standpoint. As methods, strategies and technologies evolve in the marketing, e-commerce, and sales fields, I will endeavor to make updates to existing content and create new articles/blog posts as often as I can. Note that the content presented on this site does not necessarily reflect all of my professional and/or personal accomplishments/ background/interests. Again, new content will be added as time allows.

I appreciate all visits to this site, and I hope that visitors find this site both useful and interesting.

Note that I offer services for free to charitable organizations from time-to-time.

Thank You.

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Shawn Kanciruk